The Act

All the fans caught up with their favorite acts
But what is it that they really get back?
It seems all of them act a fool to attract the fools
Goin’ around laughin at the fact they lack the tools

See a lot of times it seems they just want luxury
Not only the money from your wallet, but pure envy
It’s strange these days what passes for supposed good music
I know that I can hardly stand to listen to it

What sense of accomplishment do you think they get?
How is it that they instead of you deserve any of it
You’ve supported their career, which they live in fear
Cause if it got taken away, where do they get the cheers?

See thousands of us everyday live in poverty
With the hundreds of them living famously
Some take it the extra step to give back
But in all reality how often is that

Mainstream acts lose themselves in this new allure
Where they want more money and materials, go figure
It’s not about the art and the community that supports
It’s the selfish greed that feeds their need to have no retort

Success is a privilege that comes with great responsibility
If you’re not for making a positive impact substantially
Then why is it you want to be in the public eye so badly
Why is it many of them don’t want relations, but still notoriety

A lot of it makes no sense when you really look at it
The land of the famous appears all attractive
Still many say once it’s acquired they just can’t stand it
So which is it, what’s their reasons or perspectives

It seems it all just falls in line with trying to find an identity
Something they’ve lacked along in their journey’s
So a façade occurs to hide their personal insanity
All the while in hot pursuit of hiding their better qualities

Cause when it comes to the mainstream it appears as slavery
Not really the same people they once were in the beginning
As if they were stripped their rights of origin
During this course of career engulfing them in confusion

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