Finer Times

I laid back and said things would be new
So far all of that simply was untrue
Holding myself back from the attack
I can’t seem to let go of the feedback

An inner struggle of family and future
Only one other can judge this adventure
The relationship that gives me all of the hope
Is the one I seem to be ignoring the most

I can’t explain the pathway
Because I know there’ll be better days
My faith hasn’t been lost
But my drive has faded at a detrimental cost

Why can it be that I’m not who I use to be
Where can I find him, so I can get back to the easy
Open heart, open mind, pressing on to take the dive
Because I was never afraid, but now I hesitate
When that should never ever be the case

If I look up or listen close
All the answers reveal themselves going down this slope
It’s a complex world and a complex time
With a focus on Christ I know it’ll all be fine

But where is it that my attention should reside
Where am I best suited to improve lives
It’s hard to say, it’s hard to see
The reason I was created was to be…

I still don’t know, but I care
I wish the call would come, so I could get there

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