I’ve had many invest beyond measure
More than one could expect ever
A lifetime worth of gifts and advice
All turning me into an amalgamation of nice

Many have influenced the words you read
By taking a minute of their time to plant a seed
Where I am defined is in my identity
However it’s been shaped by a silent majority

I still take claim to my name
But others have built me in my journey
Ultimately the life at hand is always mine
Even though it truly belongs to Christ

Others have and will continue to roll through
No matter what it is I decide to do
Everything happens for a reason it’s not just a cliché
So analyze what it is that occurs each day

I’m grateful for all those I’ve met and shared time with
Because I know it wasn’t just some experiment
The messages and memories we shared with one another
Truly embodies the fact we’re all sisters and brothers

Expectation is at an all time high
Not from them necessarily, but my own mind
You want to live up to all you’ve gotten
Even if you feel it isn’t much, because life itself is a blessin’

So with however much you’ve received
Know to give back is well worth the memory
Lives intertwine rather flawlessly
If you submit a bit to generosity
Besides greatness and inspiration can grow without money

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