Every time I see a beautiful woman
My mind reaches back to a fantasy
One where I can find someone and get married
I see it all around several unities
However it’s not what I’ve been destined

There lies many of my friends and family
Moving forward with another having babies
It’s not jealousy, I’m rather happy
But my mind still plays tricks on me

Life isn’t settled nor should it be
I’ve fallen out of the game, no injuries
Just hard to imagine the possibilities
When they never really existed truly

I’m not perfect and it’s not a tragedy
I still value morals such as my virginity
There enlies one facet of the imagery
Something that isn’t practiced by the other team

I hold my ground on a basic five
Have yet to find one that also resides within those lines
Because as I grow older it becomes more unique
That someone can have a similar lifestyle walking these streets

It isn’t something I can plainly see
But I tried to wade the waters both shallow and deep
My imagination wasted during all those times
I felt the bonding between another life and mine

An act of God is what it would take
To mend this mindset that my heart is open for a date
The pressures of others hold no weight
So still I live on with no expectation of a mate

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