Dear Sophia,

Last week I first heard your voice
It stuck with me, so I had no choice
I did some research, because it was so distinct
I found out why it is you’re so unique

Not just the talent, not just the beauty
But the philanthropic efforts towards charity
Expressing so much love, a woman so raw and tough
Not setting any limits on education, cause there can never be enough

It is clear that you are diligent to providing opportunity
So please continue expanding within that community
Worldwide your touch has spread to many nations
Impacting lives through boundless inspiration

I respect the level in which you invest
Such passion and determination, all can attest
Don’t ever give up on doing what’s right
Because what I’ve seen thus far, has been a true delight

The quest still goes and it’s well worth it
I look forward to seeing your future commitments
As your life continues forward in your career
I wish you nothing but success year after year

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