As the snow glistens and ice freezes
I think about the far stretches of the world in pieces
The ones ignored, while I live in this distraction
Those less fortunate to experience all these interactions

The corners of the Earth where there hasn’t been much progression
Those who need all the help they can get through a mission
I’m left stranded delving into these thoughts
It breaks my heart, knowing many are distraught

I’ve been so blessed and take some things for granted
Those out there suffering and I’ve been heavy handed
Slow to operate and slow to propagate
A plan to move forward and take some sort of action

I’m just one man, but that’s no excuse
The various dwellings of this world, all hold use
No one can be ignored, nor forgotten
We’re all here together the good and the rotten

We need to save face and spread some grace
Not just here, but all over the place
Start your own race at your own pace
So that one day you can look back with a smiling face

It’s hard to reach without outstretched arms
The widest stretch can comfort those from harm
Don’t be afraid to embrace someone today
Whether through a hug or a message in these technological ways

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