Silent Traffic

Each day if you listen close you can hear voices
Those in the distance that don’t have much choice
They are living in a hidden hell
That is surrounded by our own little world, so we can’t tell

Many held against their will
Taken before they can really grow
Their lives being held still
All this happening and not many know

Many faces taken away on this day
Transported to the depths of this forceful array
It’s not ok, things need to change
However it’s so widespread, in so many ways

I can’t fathom the lives affected
They need to be saved and protected
They could be nearby and I’m unaware
While they’re stuck thinking no one cares

These hidden faces all over the place
Need to be discovered at a rapid pace
This trend needs to get shut down
It can no longer remain underground

It needs to be brought to the forefront
So that it can be ended before more has begun
Because this problem has persisted and grown
All across our lands as if it wasn’t known

Speak up and look for this tragedy
It can be hidden in plain sight
Don’t wait until it hits you randomly
Step out in faith to make things right

This explicit act needs to be cracked
These people deserve to get their lives back

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