No Regrets

There was once a time I knew love
A bright young woman sent from above
Our hands fit each other snug like a glove
With her, my mind flew freely like a dove

It wasn’t all that long, but the feeling was there
I just wish she knew how much I cared
Still haven’t met anyone else like her
The imagination of what could’ve been, is a blur

Never experienced anything quite like it
As I’ve grown I began to see the effect
I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again
Everything happens for a reason

Our lives parted ways despite these feelings
Can’t dwell on the past though with the present dealings
The barricades of yesterday
Have no right to influence a future delay

One day at a time, each step that I take
Despite that choice feeling like a mistake
We weren’t meant to be together for someone’s sake
I can still feel her love, even though it isn’t mine to take

She’ll always hold a special place in my heart
I knew it from the very time we spoke at the start
To me she exemplified the very essence of true art
Time and time again she’ll cross my mind even though we’re apart

The two sides experiencing totally different lifestyles
Both vastly different now, but still able to acquire their own smiles
The journey in the end even without her will be worthwhile
Because of how the Lord has walked with me mile after mile

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