I doubt I’ll ever have kids of my own
I’ve been an Uncle for almost as long as I’ve known
Some may define that as rough
For me that is more than enough

I’ve been blessed with their lives entwined with mine
I wouldn’t change anything in the course of our time
There’s been ups and downs, but to my life they’ve brought shine
The influence has went both ways as we continue the climb

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, I’d enjoy fatherhood
I love kids and always saw myself going that route if I could
As it goes you need someone else, it’s just a fact
In these times and how I live my life, there’s no possibility for that

My nephews and niece will grow up happy to eventually get married
Something that just isn’t in the cards for someone like me
As I age, my views become even more unique
I will never just settle on someone at the expense of my beliefs

I’m strong willed and by how life has played out
I won’t mind being alone, even in the days of doubt
There is a strength that has been given to me
That allows me to avoid viewing things irrationally

I’m analytical and always can move forward
There are more important goals I need to look toward
In the array of differences I’ve dealt with in other experiences
I’ve never been held back from finding the proper essence

God knows what I need, especially when I’m weak
Christ died for my freedom and has given me the opportunity to speak
So while others may wonder how bad being alone could be
To me it will just be another normal day of living

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