I find myself swimming against the current
Not focused on my past, my future, but the present
I rise above the nonsense that gets displayed
I’m not one to get involved with petty charades

It isn’t in my plans to sink into the abyss
That produces any kind of detrimental experience
I want to avoid the dreadful temptations
Spread some positivity to all nations

Despite the barriers and vivid lines
There are problems that breach us time after time
No matter how hard we try, we simply can’t hide
Life catches up to all of us, cause we all die

We have free will to choose what we want
Yet many these days act so nonchalant
No care for the world just out there for selfish reasons
Causing all kinds of chaos their own personal treason

Many have just lost respect for themselves
Throwing their lives into the growing hell
They say they want better and to be well
But actions speak louder than words as far as I can tell

Since they can’t appreciate life they take it out on others
It doesn’t limit itself in any way, hatred always smothers
Anyone that gets in the way… strangers, friends, or family
It holds no bounds kind of like love, joy, and prosperity

Still so many choose the negative
They seek to destroy and eliminate the positive
Why is this you ask, because it is all rather relative
We face it in our daily lives, there’s no alternative

What is it on this day that you advocate
In which way does your lifestyle participate
Are you contributing to the side of benefit
Or allowing there to be a plethora of detriment

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