One day there will be a woman who rises up out of the abyss she’s embedded herself in. She will speak out against the abuse that she’s endured and the addictions she’s overcame. Someday soon this individual will rise to the forefront to speak out upon what many think is a desirable way of living. She will explain her story and reveal the unpleasantries that exist within such a lifestyle making a courageous stand against the ill effects it spreads. This particular woman will touch the lives of many others who are currently involved or were considering venturing down a similar path. Not only will she have helped guide them into saving their own lives, but they to will impact the lives of others who they may know to be embraced within these forms of practice. One fateful day this long awaited female will trust herself enough to step into the battlefield that will catapult her into the greatness that is awaiting her. Though she may feel right now she isn’t worth much, in time… she will learn that she was meant for so much more. When that day comes it will be a glorious sight to see the journey unfold.

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