Dear Kari,

It’s not just your voice that resonates
The faith principles are so refreshing
Christ on your mind, there’s nothing as great
Spiritual aspects shining so bright, it’s such a blessing

A young woman listening to the call
That is coming from above without hesitating at all
Such a new face, showing such grace
Many others being encouraged at a rapid pace

You’ve provided an outlet for many other ladies
To speak upon some troubling discrepancies
Leading the way to help avoid potential tragedies
Just such a wonderful individual with glorifying tendencies

It is a true pleasure to witness someone so unique
Unafraid to show your faith or advocate for virginity
Constantly after the relationship that elevates spirituality
Rather than the focus of the common everyday pleasantries

I am glad to see someone achieve such success
By listening to the one that continues to bless
I know at times you experience high levels of stress
But am overjoyed that it doesn’t make you digress

It is my hope that you continue forward
As there is much more to work toward
This platform that Christ help you build
Is simply one that will continue to fulfill

Stay smiling as your days continue
Because as you know His light shines through you
You’re a true reflection of His beauty and eloquence
So please keep sharing the wonders of His presence

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