Fallen circumstances can come quick
Especially these days with point and click
You sit at home and a struggle comes
Not knowing the direction it came from

Blindsided with one problem
Leading to an undesired outcome
All it takes is one strain for it all to break
Whether or not it was a mistake

So much heartache in this world today
Homeless people around the blocks is not ok
We’ve all had issues, we’ve all had pains
So respond in kind to them so they can gain

We haven’t walked in their shoes
It’s not our right to judge, ‘cause we have no clue
How they got into that predicament
The fact is they need compassion that’s legitimate

Hold them close, keep an eye out
Express love and kindness without doubt
Nobody knows when misfortune can come
Nor the method in which it can flip your life’s run

So be aware of how you respond
Because if that was you, what would you want
As long as someone breathes, a purpose is there
So chances should be given, despite life being unfair

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