Dear Jillian,

When I saw you on that stage, I saw a star
It was wonderful getting to know who you are
The anti-bully, a success story, a survivor
Voicing through song of how you overcame the torture

Magnificent voice of varying degrees
I am sure your parents are more than pleased
You’ve touched countless lives
Helped others through difficult times

The dream you have to keep singing
Is a goal I know you’ll achieve
Your influence is still ringing
An aid to others is what I believe

Your talent is superb there is no doubt
However your heart is what really shouts
The love you have to end any hate
Shows your inner desires, which are great

The competitions were stepping stones
It is always a pleasure to see how you’ve grown
With each project comes a new sense
Another step forward to rid the darkness

One day your platform will be quite grand
You’re meant to reach all the lands
Stay true to the core value of love
Don’t fall away no matter how hard others may shove

I wish you nothing but the best
Continue to press on through the tests
Be the best you that you can be
Never stop utilizing the strength of your testimony


Music Charts

Hello to everyone who will read this,

I am not one to speak upon my personal successes normally. Through great support and help from many, one of the recent songs I released “In the Rain” is doing very well on a large music website that contains ranking charts. Today (3/28/14) it lies at #2 on the Christian Rap chart and #55 in all of Hip Hop. My own music has been a fun hobby of mine for quite some time and it is nice to see God blessing it in this way.

I always thought it would be cool for a song of mine to be near the top of a chart someday and now it has happened. I know some of you here may have already listened to it or at the very least read the lyrics. Even if it isn’t necessarily your music style, if you do decide to listen just know that your time doing so is very much appreciated. If you would indeed like to support it on the charts go to this link represented by the title ( “In the Rain” ) to give it a listen. It is also free to download if that is of any interest to you. It may sound familiar to some as it is a remix of sorts. Thank you again for your time in reading and listening, it is as always greatly appreciated!

God Bless!


I’m a man, so to me
There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman
The splendor and elegance is amazing to see
All over the world native and foreign

It’s not all about the looks
All of them are unique
Differing cultures and styles, many hooks
A plethora of wonderful personalities

Something so precious and serene
I’m left speechless when I really think
Women the most pleasant gift, the ultimate dream
Their value rises in my eyes with each blink

So for me it’s hard to imagine the nightmares
The problems many are introduced to
How a man could only pretend to care
Expressing harm, instead of a love that’s true

Each person has their own theory
Some blame fallacy, I blame correctly
There is free will and obvious choice
What is it that represents your voice

Inexcusable acts of objectivity
The rise of those sentiments and their popularity
An endeavor to take, rather than to give
Pursuing things that are so short lived

I’ve risen and have been committed
I won’t conform or give in
My moral character will remain intact
I’ll keep moving along to influence a positive impact

Judgment isn’t mine to make
But there are far too many mistakes
A person is a person, not a form of slave
We all eat, drink, and breathe before the grave

Nobody deserves violence or slander
There are already enough types of anger
Don’t give in to the pressure
Please live life with a loving demeanor

Snow Laden

Covered in the frozen
Always hoping for the precious moments
Living life with the one that was chosen
But feeling the chill of brokenness

Going through putting on a disguise
Hoping one day change will arise
Noticing others who are happy
Wishing for that same feeling deeply

Haunted by the shades of noise
The anger behind a certain someone’s voice
Entranced by the reality of a false promise
Trying to make excuses for their functions

There’s no reason for them to fail
If they said that they loved you
Any lack of that facet is a betrayal
Abuse is something nobody should go through

Mistreatment drifts along in differing seasons
Still a blip on the map that has no good reason
Say what you mean and mean what you say
If they can’t act appropriately they don’t belong in your day

Live life to the fullest away from pain
You don’t want the problems to rain
Abstain from being victimized
There’s much better out there for you to be realized

A Thank You

When I got into writing it was for fun
It still is, something I’ll enjoy until my life is done
I never imagined meeting all these kind souls
Intertwining with others across the globe was never the goal
But something that has been given as I step into this role

I highly appreciate everyone who has read
My work or even listened to my music instead
It means a lot to see others enjoy my creations
I aim to touch atleast one person in every situation

I don’t feel as if I should be “followed”
That isn’t a term I deem necessarily fitting
Unfortunately it is what most sites us as the terminology
I am grateful for those who do continue to support me
My thanks is greater than you’ll ever know

All the time you could’ve spent elsewhere
Or the millions of other things you could’ve done
It is still amazing to know you’ve been here
That you’ve joined me in this run

I’d like to think of myself as someone who is caring
So I hope you don’t mind me sharing
Your success is something that I wish to see
So below you will find your creativity

Some of the links appear to no longer be active, however these are still people that are tagged keeping track of my site here. Thank you all again, here’s to many more creations going forward!


Listen Here:

They sit back and relax
Countin their drugs and cash
Holdin their guns and bottlecaps
Vicious decisions to protect the stash

What has this world come to
Hidden messages in each music crew
Symbolism, words, and the mental craft
I’ve found you I see your life raft

Symbiotic and parasitic leeches
Goin’ against the good word and what it teaches
Providin’ the outlet to go after what pleases
Rather than moral conduct that appeases

I can’t shake your hand with that fire
Burnin’ through your fans eardrums
Tryin’ to control their inner desires
With nonsensical fallacies and conundrums

How dare you step up to the plate
Cuttin’ corners with lies and red tape
Thinkin you’re an overlord or bossman
With your fans abiding as your minions

Nah, that’s now how it works
Brainwashin’ isn’t the new way to clean
Wake up to the realities of what it is I mean
Pierce this torment that lies beneath

You can’t think that this is healthy
The escape that they try to parlay
Isn’t the purpose you’re meant for
Break the chains so you can be restored

It’s never too late, nah… it’s never too late

Busted you are in this act
You simply can’t hide the facts
Very little time left to even react
The battle is real you’re the impact

How do I know you ask
Because it is your life in the balance
Step by step, day by day I pray
That you won’t be lost in the grey

It’s clear cut, the clock is tickin’
What kind of life are you leadin’
Ceremonious tides are risin for the wrong reasons
Pleased to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Treason

Don’t fool yourselves in the pressure
The world around you is in torture
A fix is necessary for your own survival
Choose the light or dark, no more denial

In life you’re the catalyst
Nobody else can deal with your experience
How you see and believe is up to you
What kind of influence gives you the clues

These artists could care less
They want your money in their pockets
Doin’ what they want to persuade
Blurrin’ the lines of what is deemed ok

Callin’ woman certain names
It’s almost as if it is hide and seek
Except you won’t find me in their game
I’m ashamed to know dudes can be that weak

They feel as if it gives them a gain
Chasin’ after stardom, a boost to fame
Pitiful if you ask me, but it seems to work
Ladies by their side, as their takin’ cash like clerks

It’s madness that it has gone this far
All in the public eye to see, so much heresy
Long established now in our country
This isn’t your kingdom, but it’s mainstream

What will it take to break this chain
It’s common knowledge it produces mass amounts of pain
There’s nothin’ worth this degradation of the kind
So will you help bust this trend or continue actin’ blind

Hate me now

Listen Here:

Core Verse:
They keep trying to pin me in
Locked up and engaged in their own sins
I’m free man, I don’t need a muzzle
You’re the one fadin’ quick toiled in trouble

The wicked has a hold on your views
Caught up in the public’s eye actin’ a fool
Headlock, head knod, Mr. yes man
No thanks bro that’s not a part of my plans

Tryin to keep my spirituality at bay
Is a losin battle that will never give you victory
I’m frozen in place held within God’s grace
You feel fantasy, I feel the ecstasy of His Holy place

One day I’ll have jewels in my crown
Overcome the pains of today that you provide
I’ll paint my own picture and revive the towns
Yeah, you know who it is pure times to rise by your side

I can’t believe you still resist belief
When all that’s left is His creative feats
I’m stunned you go by His measure of time
Yet want to recite every hateful line

You’re crazy and if you didn’t like me before, that’s fine

Fly Away

Listen Here:

1st Verse:
I’ve been told time and time again
I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that
Whatever happened to straight livin’
Doin’ somethin’ that makes an impact

Held myself back all these years
All for the sake of personal sacrifice
People want to judge me, claimin’ fears
When it is just the reality of bein’ nice

I know what I’m doin, no need to worry
Life isn’t guaranteed tomorrow, I know
I’m just not one to get caught in the flurry
Because every breath that I take, I grow

Pushin’ through the negative aspects
Never to get caught up in the feedback
I live for a purpose, to serve and protect
It’s by design that I’m in a creative track

Sometimes I’m accepted, other times I’m not
Despite these circumstances, I move on
‘Cause I know salvation is what I got
Never to be turned away again with God’s Son

The love we all want, I already achieved
All that is necessary is the element of belief

2nd Verse:
I open my eyes to all the possibilities
His light shines, it has nothin’ to do with mine
I’m in pursuit of what it is He needs
Climbin’ these mountains time after time

Life can be unfair and/or unkind
We just have to persevere always
Never to let the anger control our minds
Let our hearts beat a pulse of hope each day

When it rains it pours, I’ve been there
I’ve heard the same criticisms you do
I’m still here though, still showin’ I care
Don’t get defeated, you can make it through

I say these things because I believe it
I wouldn’t lie to you for a second
No matter what it is, you can get through it
We all just have to remain invested

Develop a good work ethic, if you don’t have it
The choices we face are all too common
Stay focused on the appropriate perspective
Formulate what it is you become by your definition

I’m still sortin’ out the signs myself
I work toward goals though, not a sense of wealth

3rd Verse:
When I’m in bed at night and begin to pray
I think of all the homeless and hungry
I fall asleep with dreams of that ending one day
It’s sad to see how it is in some other countries

Even here at home, we’re starving for answers
The success of yesterday doesn’t compute
The new age of direction can’t seem to be bothered
Despite it sinkin’ us down into further disputes

I’m stricken at the notion of seein’ selfishness
Because in order to progress, we all need to strengthen
The meek inherit the Earth, but not without His blessin’
So if we turn our backs as a nation, wrath is our destination

I want to reach a whole new level in time
But I know it is undoable without faith
You and I together have to produce shine
Otherwise, we may continue on in a detrimental state

Hold your head up high and swallow your pride
Remembrance of what is valid and true is needed
An idea can carry a lot of weight and is hard to hide
We need to unify upon moral principles, not have them deleted

Never be afraid to set difficult goals
Or pursue what your heart truly desires
Always allow yourself to soar for your dreams

In the Rain

Listen Here:

1st Verse:
I live a simple life in a complex time
I’m both happy and sad, I don’t know why
Each day I roll over and open my eyes
Put one foot down after the other it’s all so dry

I think about all the people in hard times
All the worthless reasons they’re committin’ crimes
The single Moms dabbin’ their children’s eyes
Prostitutes always askin’ themselves why

I’m confused each day I walk my life
Never knowin’ what the next step will provide
I try my best to look through other’s eyes
‘Cause I know pain is great during these times

I question my participation as the world spins
There’s nothin’ I’d like more than to see some grins
Time flies and we all have a unique purpose
As I rhyme the clock ticks and I acquire a new wish

Many yell go fish, well that’s what I’m doin’
Lookin’ to provide a smidge of inspiration
By deliverin’ a message in a positive direction
But I’m just one man on a common mission

Dear God give me my wings so I can fly
Put your words in my voice to soar these skies
Let me feel your touch in mine
Let my heart beat love all the time

Lord let your blessings fall

To rid this world of all the pain, pain, pain, pain

God please have your light shine through it all

After all we’re all the same, same, same, same… in the rain

Open your minds and hearts
Nobody will treat you any better
Look deep within for the answers
His DNA etched in your beings every letter
This I know is what it’ll take for you to grow
Gettin’ past these stresses to finally let His grace flow

2nd Verse:
It’s not hard for me to sympathize
When out look out into this abyss of lies
The thing to do is push forward till I die
I never plan on givin’ up on my drive

I’m saturated in the breadth of life
Protected by the Lord when I’m facin’ strife
I pray every day and every night
His time to come back is in sight

As they all seem to fall, I start to rise
‘Cause if not for people like me
The darkness would keep growing
It just can’t keep on happening

So at this point in time let’s evaluate
What is it that you want in life
Does it involve somethin’ great
Or is it self absorbed filled with hate

‘Cause I know despite ethnicity
We are all the same race of humanity
Enough of this divide in society
Let’s beat the odds of the negativity

Erase the pains of violent tendencies
Start off tomorrow with a new strategy
We gotta get better than this I believe
Please Lord let your grace be seen

Chorus x2:
Lord let your blessings fall

To rid this world of all the pain, pain, pain, pain

God please have your light shine through it all

After all we’re all the same, same, same, same… in the rain


They say that there is strength in numbers
Finding out is allowing yourself to step forward
You never know how many others are out there
Facing the same circumstances that have you scared

Pressure never seems to cease
We put it on ourselves unconsciously
Even when we do recognize, it tends to increase
What is better though, is to experience peace

To alleviate a build up, some of it has to go
Throw it out, so you can once again grow

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