When I awoke all I felt was pain
Debris and destruction all around me
I opened my eyes slowly, vision regained
Difficult to move, but I began to breathe

I looked around, I’m indeed still alive
The wake of war at my sides
I see lights flashing, feel tremors
Laying there wondering what will come of this endeavor

I feel the need to get up and proceed
It is then I hear a voice pleasant and serene
She encourages me to rise to my feet
I look down to see myself torn and bloody

My consciousness regained I’m still confused
Why is it that I’m here, what am I suppose to do
Working my way through the smoke and distress
More voices begin to enter my head

I can’t make out what is being said
All jumbled together, I begin to forget
I try to obtain sight on my surroundings
Fire, smoke, sparks, and light are all too hindering

The one voice comes through again with clear distinction
Gets me to venture in a particular direction
I finally see an exit to get out of this rubble
But I’m still moving slowly with great trouble

Moving ever closely to the doorway, I trip and fall
Landing down on my chest gasping for breath
Where is this location, it isn’t in my memory at all
I being to try once again to elevate, but the pain reaches new depths

I close my eyes once again drifting away
The heat continues to build as my mind fades
I then feel a slight breeze wash over me
Which provides me with a new sense of energy

I once again try to stand, but simply can’t
I crawl toward the door that is still visibly encouraging
As it approaches my grasp, I’m unsure how long I’ll last
I take a second to look back and see the results of my hemorrhaging

My breaths are slow and vision blurry
The feeling of pain has me slipping into a dark shock
I reach out just in time to feel the knob
A pulse occurs reinvigorating my stamina

Eyes wide open, mind sharp, and strength restored
It is then I throw open the door, just to see no floor
I see stars and a galaxy of beauty, all further confusing
The voice re-enters my mind to step out willingly

As I exit the struggle out into the abyss
Control is lost and I begin a free fall
The lights flashing by me, I’m still in awe of this
I turn over to look back up where I exited, it’s vanished no sign of walls

The voices pick up again as I begin to acquire a fresh feel
The falling stops as my body comes to rest
I feel bolts of energy coursing around me as if I’m healed
The area too bright for my eyes to take, so I do what’s best

It is as if I’m hovering now, relocating to a safer place
I lie there motionless as if I am in a form of restraints
Silence commences as the levitation begins
A shockwave strikes through my chest reinvigorating the thoughts in my head

I’m left puzzled at the events that are unfolding
This doesn’t seem like anything anyone has ever told me
The silence is slowly going away as what I can hear varies
A few beeps and a heart that is pounding

My lungs expanding, what is this experience
At the moment of that thought I begin to feel a kiss
That kiss reverberates the essence of recovery through my body
Control has seemed to now come back to me

I lay there and the serene voice speaks once more
This time it is clearer than it was before
I can depict what it is that is actually being relayed
My surroundings normalize as “I love you” embraces my brain

I open my eyes to see a beautiful face within the light
Smiling brightly with tears running down her cheek
“You’re alive” she says, as our eyes lock tightly
I then realized the journey had meaning as my chances were bleak

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