Dear Jessie,

I found you in a peculiar place
A big bright smile on your face
Thought of you just like any other
Then as I learned more, it was one surprise after another

What you experienced, what you overcame
Many go years before they realize they need a change
I’m so happy and proud you found the true love
The one that cleans you fresh to fly freely above

All that negative influence and strain
You’ve shed it all away despite some pains
Simply because you knew it was the right thing to do
Only blessings now are that which remains

The wake left behind built a strong woman on this day
Looking forward to your future, I’m glad confidence is a mainstay
Knowing what’s real and what’s fake
Will help you avoid any other mistakes

I’m glad your head is now in the right place
Listening to your heart and God’s grace
I see that smile still glistens
But it seems it has behind it a whole new purpose

When people attack your past
Don’t take it as a negative
It just shows how much you’ve surpassed
Allowing you an avenue to truly impact

I wish you all the best, I’m glad you’ve made it
The journey is far from over, so never forget
You have plenty of support within your faith and morals
Since the family you’ve joined above can solve any trouble or quarrel

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