Silent Side

I walk alone to the sound of grace
Not knowin’ what’ll come next in my fate
I know I’m lost without you though
As I feel an emptiness embrace

I have two hands, one occupied by my creator
The other just fallin’ to my waist side
I know where I’ll end up because of my savior
In the meantime I’m without you, my bride

The claim out there is that everyone seeks love
I’ve found it, as it rests and lives above
Part of me questions this element of humanity
We’re all created equally, many meant for unity

I’ve prayed and I’ve sought out to discover
No results other than the negative were delivered
Some have a significant other awaiting a certain time
That day they meet and the presence of the divine

In this realm I’m lost without you
Because here you may not even exist
Some question what it is I’ll do
The times I’ve felt you though, I can only reminisce

You’re out there somewhere in the great beyond
Our time may not ever come until our lives are done
My heart will remain true and grow ever so fond
As you’ve visited me in spirit, shining bright like the sun

In this moment my mind has been made
No point for rigorous expectation, I let it fade
Alone I’ll be and forever remain in the sense of humanity
Whether or not that’s correct, we shall soon see

After all tomorrow is never truly guaranteed

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