Dear Jill,

I remember when I first saw you
Being struck with a unique feel
So creative and witty in what it is you do
The conversations all so surreal

I knew you to be a special talent
Someone unafraid to experiment
Thinking to myself, she is on the rise
Little did I know later there would be a surprise

Through laughter is how I initially connected
To then later experience your true reflection
After all this time it was brought to my attention
That you were also holding the beliefs of a Christian

It resonated within me as I stood aside
Knowing you presented your beliefs to be known worldwide
I was so happy to see that aspect of beauty
These days it is a very rare quality

Hearing the details of your journey
I drifted back to the times of remembering
That feeling of uniqueness I had initially
All making sense after all that time wondering

Don’t let your worries hold you back
There isn’t any reason for you to feel rushed
I know things will work out for you by staying on His track
The qualities and gifts you possess are more than enough

So don’t let anyone make you feel insignificant
As long as the clock ticks, there’ll be time for a relationship
The relationship that matters you already obtained
So try not to get caught up in the one that has yet to take place

Intelligence, creativity, and overall beauty
All of which you possess and express as a remedy
It’s refreshing because we both know this world is hurting
It’s so nice to see someone like you further expanding

Utilize that platform in which you’ve been blessed
Because as you well know, He’ll take care of the rest
I’m excited to see the growth you are working toward
It is my hopes that you’ll stay strong, positive, and faithful going forward

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