They say chivalry is dead
That compassion has been lost
A perspective that I dread
An age that our humanity suffers a great cost

Many trying to express their situation
To rally their fellow human
Just to get prodded for finally speaking
Somewhere a pipe is leaking
We’ve lost connection to our unity

Where did it all go wrong
I get criticized for implying where the blame belongs
Despite it being ever so clear
A charade still presented to hide away the tears

They don’t want the victims having victory
They don’t want your tests becoming testimony
Hardships come and go, but your thoughts remain
Emotional attachment to those times simply explain
The experiences you’ve endured to overcome the pain

I emphasize not to buy into the lies
Silence isn’t the option, let yourself cry
Let yourself become free from the chains
So that you can develop, easing out of the disdain

Not all love has gone away
It still exists here today
Sharing is caring
So declare to end the despair

Improvement happens with action
The actions one takes can reverberate through many
Don’t give up, you can always gain traction
There’s a fine line, but with faith you can achieve plenty

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