Glass House

What if we lived in a place without discrimination
Somewhere to call home and see everything clear
No violence, crudeness, or lens of deception
A place providing shelter, no existence of fears

Something that appears fragile and weak
But is actually unbreakable and classily sleek
The style and imagery that seem to matter
All fall away to the bottom rung of the ladder

Each step leads to something of more meaning
No sense of shallow behavior or signs that are misleading
A legendary sense of accomplishment bestowed
Because the walls would represent growth

Reinforced with the elements of hope and success
A mirror giving back all the positive reflections
The air purified and cleansed of any stress
Enclosed safely, but wide open to valid destinations

Lights that gleam encouragement and respect
Sounds of inspiration and desire
What a place it would be to detect
Considering the alternatives we can actually acquire

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