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They sit back and relax
Countin their drugs and cash
Holdin their guns and bottlecaps
Vicious decisions to protect the stash

What has this world come to
Hidden messages in each music crew
Symbolism, words, and the mental craft
I’ve found you I see your life raft

Symbiotic and parasitic leeches
Goin’ against the good word and what it teaches
Providin’ the outlet to go after what pleases
Rather than moral conduct that appeases

I can’t shake your hand with that fire
Burnin’ through your fans eardrums
Tryin’ to control their inner desires
With nonsensical fallacies and conundrums

How dare you step up to the plate
Cuttin’ corners with lies and red tape
Thinkin you’re an overlord or bossman
With your fans abiding as your minions

Nah, that’s now how it works
Brainwashin’ isn’t the new way to clean
Wake up to the realities of what it is I mean
Pierce this torment that lies beneath

You can’t think that this is healthy
The escape that they try to parlay
Isn’t the purpose you’re meant for
Break the chains so you can be restored

It’s never too late, nah… it’s never too late

Busted you are in this act
You simply can’t hide the facts
Very little time left to even react
The battle is real you’re the impact

How do I know you ask
Because it is your life in the balance
Step by step, day by day I pray
That you won’t be lost in the grey

It’s clear cut, the clock is tickin’
What kind of life are you leadin’
Ceremonious tides are risin for the wrong reasons
Pleased to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Treason

Don’t fool yourselves in the pressure
The world around you is in torture
A fix is necessary for your own survival
Choose the light or dark, no more denial

In life you’re the catalyst
Nobody else can deal with your experience
How you see and believe is up to you
What kind of influence gives you the clues

These artists could care less
They want your money in their pockets
Doin’ what they want to persuade
Blurrin’ the lines of what is deemed ok

Callin’ woman certain names
It’s almost as if it is hide and seek
Except you won’t find me in their game
I’m ashamed to know dudes can be that weak

They feel as if it gives them a gain
Chasin’ after stardom, a boost to fame
Pitiful if you ask me, but it seems to work
Ladies by their side, as their takin’ cash like clerks

It’s madness that it has gone this far
All in the public eye to see, so much heresy
Long established now in our country
This isn’t your kingdom, but it’s mainstream

What will it take to break this chain
It’s common knowledge it produces mass amounts of pain
There’s nothin’ worth this degradation of the kind
So will you help bust this trend or continue actin’ blind

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