Fly Away

Listen Here:

1st Verse:
I’ve been told time and time again
I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that
Whatever happened to straight livin’
Doin’ somethin’ that makes an impact

Held myself back all these years
All for the sake of personal sacrifice
People want to judge me, claimin’ fears
When it is just the reality of bein’ nice

I know what I’m doin, no need to worry
Life isn’t guaranteed tomorrow, I know
I’m just not one to get caught in the flurry
Because every breath that I take, I grow

Pushin’ through the negative aspects
Never to get caught up in the feedback
I live for a purpose, to serve and protect
It’s by design that I’m in a creative track

Sometimes I’m accepted, other times I’m not
Despite these circumstances, I move on
‘Cause I know salvation is what I got
Never to be turned away again with God’s Son

The love we all want, I already achieved
All that is necessary is the element of belief

2nd Verse:
I open my eyes to all the possibilities
His light shines, it has nothin’ to do with mine
I’m in pursuit of what it is He needs
Climbin’ these mountains time after time

Life can be unfair and/or unkind
We just have to persevere always
Never to let the anger control our minds
Let our hearts beat a pulse of hope each day

When it rains it pours, I’ve been there
I’ve heard the same criticisms you do
I’m still here though, still showin’ I care
Don’t get defeated, you can make it through

I say these things because I believe it
I wouldn’t lie to you for a second
No matter what it is, you can get through it
We all just have to remain invested

Develop a good work ethic, if you don’t have it
The choices we face are all too common
Stay focused on the appropriate perspective
Formulate what it is you become by your definition

I’m still sortin’ out the signs myself
I work toward goals though, not a sense of wealth

3rd Verse:
When I’m in bed at night and begin to pray
I think of all the homeless and hungry
I fall asleep with dreams of that ending one day
It’s sad to see how it is in some other countries

Even here at home, we’re starving for answers
The success of yesterday doesn’t compute
The new age of direction can’t seem to be bothered
Despite it sinkin’ us down into further disputes

I’m stricken at the notion of seein’ selfishness
Because in order to progress, we all need to strengthen
The meek inherit the Earth, but not without His blessin’
So if we turn our backs as a nation, wrath is our destination

I want to reach a whole new level in time
But I know it is undoable without faith
You and I together have to produce shine
Otherwise, we may continue on in a detrimental state

Hold your head up high and swallow your pride
Remembrance of what is valid and true is needed
An idea can carry a lot of weight and is hard to hide
We need to unify upon moral principles, not have them deleted

Never be afraid to set difficult goals
Or pursue what your heart truly desires
Always allow yourself to soar for your dreams

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