Hate me now

Listen Here:

Core Verse:
They keep trying to pin me in
Locked up and engaged in their own sins
I’m free man, I don’t need a muzzle
You’re the one fadin’ quick toiled in trouble

The wicked has a hold on your views
Caught up in the public’s eye actin’ a fool
Headlock, head knod, Mr. yes man
No thanks bro that’s not a part of my plans

Tryin to keep my spirituality at bay
Is a losin battle that will never give you victory
I’m frozen in place held within God’s grace
You feel fantasy, I feel the ecstasy of His Holy place

One day I’ll have jewels in my crown
Overcome the pains of today that you provide
I’ll paint my own picture and revive the towns
Yeah, you know who it is pure times to rise by your side

I can’t believe you still resist belief
When all that’s left is His creative feats
I’m stunned you go by His measure of time
Yet want to recite every hateful line

You’re crazy and if you didn’t like me before, that’s fine

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