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Hello to everyone who will read this,

I am not one to speak upon my personal successes normally. Through great support and help from many, one of the recent songs I released “In the Rain” is doing very well on a large music website that contains ranking charts. Today (3/28/14) it lies at #2 on the Christian Rap chart and #55 in all of Hip Hop. My own music has been a fun hobby of mine for quite some time and it is nice to see God blessing it in this way.

I always thought it would be cool for a song of mine to be near the top of a chart someday and now it has happened. I know some of you here may have already listened to it or at the very least read the lyrics. Even if it isn’t necessarily your music style, if you do decide to listen just know that your time doing so is very much appreciated. If you would indeed like to support it on the charts go to this link represented by the title ( “In the Rain” ) to give it a listen. It is also free to download if that is of any interest to you. It may sound familiar to some as it is a remix of sorts. Thank you again for your time in reading and listening, it is as always greatly appreciated!

God Bless!

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  1. Congratulations!!


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