I’m a man, so to me
There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman
The splendor and elegance is amazing to see
All over the world native and foreign

It’s not all about the looks
All of them are unique
Differing cultures and styles, many hooks
A plethora of wonderful personalities

Something so precious and serene
I’m left speechless when I really think
Women the most pleasant gift, the ultimate dream
Their value rises in my eyes with each blink

So for me it’s hard to imagine the nightmares
The problems many are introduced to
How a man could only pretend to care
Expressing harm, instead of a love that’s true

Each person has their own theory
Some blame fallacy, I blame correctly
There is free will and obvious choice
What is it that represents your voice

Inexcusable acts of objectivity
The rise of those sentiments and their popularity
An endeavor to take, rather than to give
Pursuing things that are so short lived

I’ve risen and have been committed
I won’t conform or give in
My moral character will remain intact
I’ll keep moving along to influence a positive impact

Judgment isn’t mine to make
But there are far too many mistakes
A person is a person, not a form of slave
We all eat, drink, and breathe before the grave

Nobody deserves violence or slander
There are already enough types of anger
Don’t give in to the pressure
Please live life with a loving demeanor

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  1. My new favourite! 🙂


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