Snow Laden

Covered in the frozen
Always hoping for the precious moments
Living life with the one that was chosen
But feeling the chill of brokenness

Going through putting on a disguise
Hoping one day change will arise
Noticing others who are happy
Wishing for that same feeling deeply

Haunted by the shades of noise
The anger behind a certain someone’s voice
Entranced by the reality of a false promise
Trying to make excuses for their functions

There’s no reason for them to fail
If they said that they loved you
Any lack of that facet is a betrayal
Abuse is something nobody should go through

Mistreatment drifts along in differing seasons
Still a blip on the map that has no good reason
Say what you mean and mean what you say
If they can’t act appropriately they don’t belong in your day

Live life to the fullest away from pain
You don’t want the problems to rain
Abstain from being victimized
There’s much better out there for you to be realized

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