Dear Jillian,

When I saw you on that stage, I saw a star
It was wonderful getting to know who you are
The anti-bully, a success story, a survivor
Voicing through song of how you overcame the torture

Magnificent voice of varying degrees
I am sure your parents are more than pleased
You’ve touched countless lives
Helped others through difficult times

The dream you have to keep singing
Is a goal I know you’ll achieve
Your influence is still ringing
An aid to others is what I believe

Your talent is superb there is no doubt
However your heart is what really shouts
The love you have to end any hate
Shows your inner desires, which are great

The competitions were stepping stones
It is always a pleasure to see how you’ve grown
With each project comes a new sense
Another step forward to rid the darkness

One day your platform will be quite grand
You’re meant to reach all the lands
Stay true to the core value of love
Don’t fall away no matter how hard others may shove

I wish you nothing but the best
Continue to press on through the tests
Be the best you that you can be
Never stop utilizing the strength of your testimony

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