When it comes to relationships I don’t play games
I don’t think it’s appropriate for any charades
I’m pretty clear with my intentions
However, these days the field doesn’t welcome a gentleman

Hard to go out and remain how I was raised
When everything these days appears to be a game
All kinds of different nuances, nothing is the same
Yet, some of my unique aspects still get praised

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never change
You’ll never see me become a scumbag
I’ll never fall into the category for the deranged
I’d rather surrender and wave the white flag

All too often I see unhappiness roaming about
Seeing some quality people facing great pains
As I move forward all I seem to view is doubt
When will society again see love experience a gain

So many lies and time spent looking at tape
Why not live a little truth and acquire something great
It’s almost as if this aspect of life needs to be reshaped
Redone… remade… so it can start with a clean slate

Hard to perceive what is to come
We all have free will, the choices of freedom
Can we escape the ridiculous plots we’ve made
Or are the discrepancies to deep to evade

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