(This was a verse I had written for a song in which I ended up scrapping because I took the song in a different direction)

I remember your scent, your touch
Was somethin’ I wanted forever girl
I loved you so much, so much
You invigorated my mind, it was a thrill

I came to be a better man by your hands
It was a delight, when you were in my sight
I was always glad we were more than just friends
I miss your intuition and your insight

Why did we part ways though, it all felt so real
I never wanted to live another day apart
Your love was all I wanted to feel
How did we get here after such a great start

The memories will be haunting me
I thought we had somethin’ great
You were my sunshine, my everything
I wish I knew the reason, to end this internal debate

Because without your presence I feel lost
I could’ve never imagined this life with you gone

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