Stalking Me

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2nd Verse:
Lettin’ go won’t be so easy
I’ve held a special place for you
So close, yet so far apart reluctantly
Atleast we’ve had our time to go through

Lookin’ at the past I’m glad
I’ll never forget your voice
Slowly influencin’ my pen on this pad
Always leadin’ me to make the right choice

Likewise it will still be hard
I don’t think I can ever forget
Silence may never be in the cards
Allow me to apologize for any regret

Little things keepin’ me aware
I just want to sit back and stare
Select notions effectin’ my emotion
All the while our lives spiralin’ in commotion

Lo’ and behold I’ve never truly expressed my love
No tellin’ how you would’ve really felt about it
Very special you are though wonderful woman, blessed from up above

3rd Verse:
All the times we’ve shared
I hope you know how much I cared
Bein’ together was always great
It’s just our unity simply wasn’t fate

What will life be without you in it
I can’t quite grasp the explanation
However I do know that you’ll be fine
Your success will carry you through time

The happiness you seek is so close
As you continue to reach all of your goals
I’m glad I never held you back at all
Your strength has increased over the course of this haul

The impact you make is that of legend
Your super elevation is only beginnin’
The dedication you display is inspirin’
Though I’ve told you that times a thousand

As we separate it’s hard to say goodbye
The moments we shared will leave me askin’ why
Because it was evident I wasn’t supposed to be your guy
Just know I’ll cherish them though all the way to the sky

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