Slip Out the Back

Listen to Full song here:

Yeah, some of you know me
I’m laid back, but take life seriously
Seems like an oxymoron I know
But life is short, so hard I go

Held captive in the eyes of society
Locked up within my diverse creativity
I’m stuck straddlin’ the fence
When will peace begin to commence

I’ve seen the rises and the falls
Equal circumstances for us all
When the tough times come its difficult
But somebody has to rise up and answer the call

So listen here…

1st Verse:
I’m no saint nor claim to be perfect
My heart and mind aim to disrupt the darkness
I try to give what I can in all situations
Stick with me if you need some comfort and protection

I occupy this life in which I was given
Inhalin’ the very same air that you are breathin’
Despite the similarities of bein’ human
We’re all unique and special specimens

This earth is temporary as is the entertainment
The drama isn’t worth your investment
Important aspects are what need your attention
The time we have is too short to go in the wrong direction

We get told lies in a false sense of projection
When we need truth to inspire accurate perceptions
Likewise when we look in the mirror what do we see
Someone upliftin’ or one that takes away with greed

2nd Verse:
I’m no hero, but will do what it takes
Even if you’re a stranger I’ll treat you the same
When bullets fly I’ll stand in the way
I’m not ashamed to be a gentleman these days

I’ve abstained in a world that’s fully engaged
The measurement of pleasure has many caged
Being released is easy just read the B-I-B-L-E
Perhaps conduct a few more acts of decency

Many these days are just too unwillin’ to progress
They’d rather stay piled up within the mess
Continuin’ to ask the right questions, but don’t like the answer
So they tend to fall back into what’s familiar

You’re far better than you give yourself credit for
Remember that anything is possible if you explore
I’m not the judge obviously, it’s your life to improve
I believe you can and will, you just have to choose to

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