All women are beautiful
All women are incredible
All women are great
All women have good traits
All women deserve quality
All women deserve equality
All women should get respect
All women are not objects
All women need to be protected
All women deserve to feel safe
All women should be given aid
All women need love
All women are a blessing from above
All women deserve to never experience abuse
All women should be able to share their views
All women can achieve their goals
All women should be treated fair
All women should be given care
All women will have desires
All women enjoy different attire
All women deserve to be free
All women deserve to be happy
All women deserve to smile
All women are worthwhile


Real Men

Real men don’t hate
Real men won’t belittle
Real men will commit to
Real men refuse to objectify
… women

Real men don’t berate
Real men give grace to
Real men are loyal to
Real men won’t cheat on
… women

Real men forgive
Real men embrace
Real men acknowledge
Real men applaud
… women

Real men appreciate
Real men help
Real men laugh with
Real men cry with
… women

Real men compliment
Real men care for
Real men support
Real men can share with
… women

Real men never hit
Real men always protect
Real men respect
Real men truly love
… women

The Patient

There’s a girl I’ve never physically met
But one that I’ll never soon forget
She’s in a battle many have faced
All the while maintaining her positive grace

The announcement came and while many are afraid
She chose to accept the circumstance, instead of fear being displayed
Her priority seems to reverberate that which is happy
Even when a disease is attempting to consume her body

Some treatments have come and gone with more ahead
She has lost her hair, but she doesn’t care
Instead of being a prisoner and laying in bed
She maintains her freedom and continues to perpetuate her gentle flair

She is optimistic and knows she’ll have victory
There’s been no signs indicating anything that would be contradictory
Instead of changing, she’s remained the same making new friends
Helping them get through this similar difficult circumstance

There is still a long road ahead before she’s in the clear
Many of us continue to live on year by year
Trying to avoid situations like this that bring so much fear
But the reality is it’s affected the majority of our peers

Despite her circumstance she continues to make her friends grin
Releasing such kindness and pleasantness from within
A truly special young lady that contains a great deal of beauty
I’m hopeful that those you may know can also approach their adversities positively

Ten Years

Hard to believe it’s been ten years
I remember being asked where I saw myself in five
Back then it all seemed so clear
I achieved my goal of graduating college to thrive
Little did I know I’d get ill before a career

Flash forward to now, six years after
My oldest nephew is finishing high school and my health is improved
I’m proud to see him finish up this chapter
He’s had some rough times, but he’s still pushing through

This time of reflection to see where I once was
To see now where he is, it’s all a whirlwind
Because the focus will be now on what he does
As my role is reversed from being the uncertain kid, to the adult providing direction

He has had his ups and downs personally
While dealing with hardships and trials
It hasn’t been an easy task for him to experience all the adversity
But he has managed to progress, giving the rest of us all smiles

I’ve been proud to be an Uncle since his birth
It’s given me more purpose and self worth
It’s been a title I’ve had for the majority of my time
And it isn’t one I ever plan to leave behind

Soon his grade school experience comes to an end
Ten years after mine had from the same establishment
Such a unique time to be involved in this celebration
I hope he too will continue to push forward toward a purposeful destination


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Ladies and Gentleman, I hope you’re doing good today
I’m aware there are many problems of differing varieties
It is my hopes that you aren’t letting them hold you back
But rather pressing forward with the correct attack

If you’re not…
Then what is it that you’re waiting for
We get this one life, so it’s your time to soar

1st Verse:
We lay in wait
Like a lion does for its prey
Expectations set high
As the bar lifts our effort runs dry

It’s a tragedy within a calamity
The next best thing is repelling
We climb, we work, we try
All for reasons some choose to deny

Closed up in the mission, left wishin’
That we had one last chance at ambition
It’s a dire situation in this life
Where hope and love need to arise

People beaten and enslaved
Not much different from yesterday
We thought it was gone, but to our dismay
It grew greater, under the radar of our play

Many trapped and embedded in disaster
It’s time to write a whole new chapter
Stand up and believe in better activity
Nobody can prevent you from achieving prosperity

Believe it or not you’re still livin’
Look on high to become forgiven
Wash away the pain and mistakes
You’re too valuable for anyone to break

Don’t let anyone press you down anymore
You get this one life and it’s your time to soar (x2)

2nd Verse:
Some people want to
slay you, play you, and betray you
With that said some want to
Protect you, love you, and comfort you

All you need to do is choose
Who they are and if they lose
Because you should live to win
Don’t get held back by their sins

The burden is already great
Don’t adopt the influence of hate
That demeaning behavior is stale
It’ll never allow you to truly prevail

All it takes is one spark to begin the fire
The one that lights up your inner desire
So worried about what others think
It’s leavin’ you drained, spiralin’ down the sink

Get off the brink of negative situations
Don’t entertain suicide or slip into depression
Listen to the good word and His design
Allow Him to revive all your vital signs

Each day you awake begins anew
Sometimes it’s best to leave your crew
Evaluation of said steps is critical
As we just get one life to help create miracles

Closing (x2):
Don’t let anyone press you down anymore
You get this one life and it’s your time to soar


Our mind is a vast place
In this life, we’re not limited space
The brain yearns to learn with much hunger
Give it something worthwhile to ponder

Don’t withhold information
Utilize the capabilities within
Provide meaningful intelligence for further expansion
Try not to end the flow of progression

It is important to continue to broaden our horizons
The best way is through more education
Hit the books or hit the streets
Life lessons can be experienced wherever you please

Just don’t sell yourself short
Quit limiting your potential
The methods are out there for support
Growth after all is a priority that is quite essential

Feed your mind with quality over quantity
Your life and body will thank you plenty
Serenity and stress continue to battle in our brain activity
What transpires daily, will echo where you’d like to see humanity


People don’t usually think when they speak
Rarely do their words seem genuine
Although some try to reach their vocabularies peak
It doesn’t mean they can just spout off in any given situation
Since when did silence mean you were weak
Every time you analyze a moment, it’s positive progression

Honor each other
Illustrate love for one another
Stay true, otherwise don’t bother

Nobody will ever meet your expectations as a whole
After you learn this a brand new world opens
My suggestion would be to meet your own personal goals
Especially when nobody including yourself should make judgments


Desperation calls
Often times leading to a dead end
Some don’t actually know it all
There can be quality within, allowing you to ascend

Desperation for certain things
Will leave you breathless and empty
Desiring something of value, purpose, and meaning
Will lead you to a well fulfilled journey

Resist the vault that makes you numb
Turn away from the decay
Remain steady in resistance, don’t succumb
Tomorrow is a new day, let’s make it better than yesterday


Many out there concerned
Using their abilities to discern
Continuing to go forth and learn

Encouraging and impacting lives
Answering the call to thrive
Without hesitation they see the need and dive

I applaud these people for sparking changes
Promoting positivity in ways that cover all ranges
As this world continues to spin, it needs more moral exchanges

Unselfish with their actions
Not looking for an element of fame as a reaction
Just sincere and genuine with their interactions

It’s quite refreshing to see
Considering many are starting to not believe
That these people even exist now in our reality


She’s afraid and ashamed
Entrapped and enraged
Held against her will, looking for a change

But she can’t escape
Despite the pain and no gain
Her fear keeps her detained

Watching herself deteriorate
She screams on the inside
She’s irate, held captive in her mind

Looking for a break
Someone or something to aid her
Since she herself feels too weak to bother

Left feeling hopeless and alone
Despite many interactions
She has yet to feel true satisfaction

Where’s hope and love she asks
While left dealing with demeaning tasks
She deserves better, a way to get back on the right track

Far too many out there endure similar
Hidden away from the public eye
Methods varying significantly, all encaged like a prisoner

Sad to know how vast it is
While the majority are taking things for granted
They continue to feel emptiness implanted

Wake up to those that surround you
Symbols and signs constantly shine through
It’s just a matter of noticing them, so progress can ensue

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