I feel as if I’m missing something
You said one thing, but act another
What is it that you’re really meaning
Am I distant from you or close like a brother

Confused with the notion in which you speak
Excited and love to see me, but have plans deterring
Parasitic it seems to me, like a one way street
Not much reciprocation in the effort of the meet we’re referring

I’m closed up at the aspect of going forward
The future holds uncertainty and our past plenty
What does the present define if there isn’t much to look toward
Should we call it quits as we part ways or keep interacting

The answers remain a mystery
The communication a conspiracy
The time falling away empty
The stress of it all unworthy

Would enjoy some clarity
Would appreciate some specificity
Would love some solidarity
Would like if your words and actions had some similarity

Analysis can be tricky
Hard to receive anything other than honesty
Considering I’ve been nothing but truth giving
I know the heart and mind are separate, but where’s the unity

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