Real Men

Real men don’t hate
Real men won’t belittle
Real men will commit to
Real men refuse to objectify
… women

Real men don’t berate
Real men give grace to
Real men are loyal to
Real men won’t cheat on
… women

Real men forgive
Real men embrace
Real men acknowledge
Real men applaud
… women

Real men appreciate
Real men help
Real men laugh with
Real men cry with
… women

Real men compliment
Real men care for
Real men support
Real men can share with
… women

Real men never hit
Real men always protect
Real men respect
Real men truly love
… women

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  1. True and wise words. Real men need to follow these simple rules.

    • Moralz

       /  May 27, 2014

      Thank you sir, I appreciate your time in reading and leaving the kind sentiment. It would indeed be nice to see more of our gender improve their actions towards women in such ways.


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