The Patient

There’s a girl I’ve never physically met
But one that I’ll never soon forget
She’s in a battle many have faced
All the while maintaining her positive grace

The announcement came and while many are afraid
She chose to accept the circumstance, instead of fear being displayed
Her priority seems to reverberate that which is happy
Even when a disease is attempting to consume her body

Some treatments have come and gone with more ahead
She has lost her hair, but she doesn’t care
Instead of being a prisoner and laying in bed
She maintains her freedom and continues to perpetuate her gentle flair

She is optimistic and knows she’ll have victory
There’s been no signs indicating anything that would be contradictory
Instead of changing, she’s remained the same making new friends
Helping them get through this similar difficult circumstance

There is still a long road ahead before she’s in the clear
Many of us continue to live on year by year
Trying to avoid situations like this that bring so much fear
But the reality is it’s affected the majority of our peers

Despite her circumstance she continues to make her friends grin
Releasing such kindness and pleasantness from within
A truly special young lady that contains a great deal of beauty
I’m hopeful that those you may know can also approach their adversities positively

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