How much is ever enough
It seems we’re expected to do so much
Whether it is your family or friends
There is always a want in the end

We wake up and go to school
It is necessary for our intelligence to grow
We’ve been taught not to be fools
Yet get drowned by the ridiculousness that overflows

The media propaganda and imagery seen
Tries to illuminate something with no true meaning
Emphasizing the desire to want what we don’t have
To split our important priorities in halves

When we go to work expectations are high
Each person within their own role, simply defined
But often times there are those that want to take advantage of the kind
Throwing some of their workload onto someone who can be too nice

We go about our daily lives striving for more
Not really encompassing what could be in store
We just know we constantly crave something new
Why can’t what we already have ever do

Our design is intricate, our mind a mystery
Certain emotions unique to our species
Explanation and determination, two different playgrounds
But looking within quantity and quality both can be found

Explain yourself to yourself to evaluate your health
Be determined to improve so it can reverberate to others around you
Don’t be afraid to put a blip on the radar, no need for stealth
Live for the purpose you were meant for, not for the portrait other people drew

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