A tricky utility that many are missing
The days we embrace ourselves selfishly
There are those out there that hurt us
But aren’t we guilty all the same if we’re honest

I bet many of you, if asked
Who is it that angers you the most
See a face that is clear as day without a second passed
The problem is your face likely also makes someone else roast

Nobody’s perfect we all make mistakes
We each have our own individuality
Standards are different and the decisions we make
Experiences over the course of one’s life provide differing mentalities

Regardless, that grudge you may have
The angst you carry around that stresses you
Isn’t worth your time nor effort to alter your life’s plan
Stand up and do the unexpected, forgive what others do

If you can’t claim perfection, I bet you’ve also wronged
The time to treat others as you want to be treated is here
Perhaps you would like forgiveness from someone, so the relationship can go on
Start by forgiving yourself, so you can show that your change is clear

Nevermind the way others think
Forgiveness is a powerful tool
Don’t allow the baggage to make you sink
Provide some joy and good will to prevent all that is cruel

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