Listen while you read here

A lyrical stylist
Usin’ verbal violence
To murder these beats
Increasin’ the peace on the streets

A catalyst to restore hope
Before ignorance gets close
Causin’ further damage down the slope
Deterrin’ families bein’ able to cope

I rise like the sun to shine light
Runnin’ toward the fight
To impose all that is right
This message that breaks the dead of night

Unleashin the chains of pains
Unlockin the mess of stressful terrain
Am I insane to think I’m game
Or weird for not wantin’ fame

I’m after a different cause
I do this without pause
Write to introduce proper law
That which is Holy not raw

Indecisive acts that are rash
Will lead one to inevitably crash
Think fast, this life doesn’t last
Make more memories not cash

I’m a traveler on this globe
Only one place I’ll call home
It isn’t within this atmospheric dome
And can’t be reached by phone

I’m saved because He gave
So I’ll be alive again after the grave

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