Listen while you read here

I was born in brazil, adopted then raised in Michigan
I’ve been brought up as an American
Livin’ life in the sense of freedom
Not because of the stars and stripes, but Christ

At an early age I was introduced to sacrifice
My parents worked hard for me to grow up nice
I never imagined the type of legacy I was following
Until I began to mature when I was in my teens

Lookin’ at the past service of my family
A mission began to come clear to me

I never imagined at age nine
That my stock in life would rise
It was then I first had real responsibility
The first nephew who began lookin’ up to me

Not long after a second was on the way
My life unfoldin’ into somethin’ other than a mystery
As I continued to grow more talents displayed
I was athletic, into tech, and writin’ poetry

Then someone said to get into recording
Years went by, I finally picked up a mic and the rest was history

You see I never planned to do much
This was all just a hobby to fool around and stuff
It wasn’t until more people caught onto it
That I really began to see inspiration bein’ a hit

I’m still surprised to see what God has done
This hasn’t been anything more than fun
Yet, it has gotten to a global level
Reachin’ masses of people when I only aim to please one

It’s been a blessing in disguise
Especially with how time flies
I don’t want to be in the spotlight
I just want to encourage others to do right

Reach out and make a difference in life
There isn’t a reason to hold back
A lot of pressure on me to get a wife
So I can carry on the family track

I’d much rather be a renaissance to rap
Or more specifically whatever it is that’s God’s plan
As long as I continue to awake each day
Expect a new track at some point to play

To be quite honest I didn’t expect to go this long
It’s been quite a few years now since my first song
But here I am continuing to age and being used in music
Who knew the diverse audience that would listen to my exclusives
Every continent… it’s just amazin’

Live up to your highest potential
Be used in a way that’s positive and professional
You’re uniquely made and highly substantial
Partake in the gifts you’ve been given and make it official

Here I am just a normal guy still wonderin’ why
Pressin’ forward for the great message to be heard before I die
Welcome to my origins, I hope you enjoyed your stay
Stand up firmly with faith, don’t be afraid

Chase what you love and the rest will be ok
Never doubt yourself at any point in any way

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