I lay my eyes on more than just beauty
It is a wonder of genuine integrity
There is no illusion of positivity
It is as authentic as one could experience in reality

Many state the obvious of the outward appearance
While I gaze into the inner practices
The character of your mind and compassion of your heart
Emotions that aren’t fake and rank high on the chart

Unique is what could define you
However, that just seems to simplistic to do
There is always a bright light that shines through and through
Whether it reflects in your smile or attitude

The elements of fun and entertainment that you provide
Are unlike anyone else that goes along for this ride
Success is just one aspect that you’ve obtained
But a lasting friendship is what you care to remain

Special interactions are hard to witness
You’ve got vast intelligence
So to see you progress
Is satisfaction at its finest

Making the move from paradise to independence
Is a noble venture that further enhances your radiance
Your soft gentle voice brings joy to all who hear
As each day passes, more and more begin to cheer

There are many things I see at just a glance
So much potential within you that has yet to be tapped
Even with how much you’ve already gained
There is plenty more ahead for you that has yet to be explained

Stay true to you in all that you do
As many have come along to help support you
I’m glad to have found a diamond in the rough
A woman who is not only elegant, but also tough
Keep doing what you do in reflecting such great love

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