Frozen Feeling

The bitter winter encases us in cold
“Move somewhere warm” is what I’ve been told
If it were that easy, it would be done
I’d love to experience the constant warmth of the sun

Regardless, the weather will be what it is
Stagnating outdoor activity with horrid driving conditions
It’s easier to warm up than to stay cool
In my opinion though these winters are far too cruel

Snowfall isn’t all that bad
But at this point the constant sight makes me mad
I’m use to seeing all four seasons
But still wouldn’t mind a different experience for many reasons

As I sit here in a bit of complaint
There are far worse circumstances to exclaim
So many things that need our awareness
In an effort to fight back against real unfairness

Look at the greater issues, not just your own
Many problems out there that need to be atoned
Don’t walk around like a mindless drone
Think for yourself, so you can formulate a comfort zone

Now step away from your phones
Go against the things you don’t condone
Rise up against the evils that grow
No matter what the weather decides to throw

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