I normally walk with my head held high
Confidence soaring as the days pass by
Not afraid to take the stand necessary
To thwart the things that are derogatory

However there was a time cowardice slipped in
Long ago when immaturity was lingering within
There was a woman in which I felt a connection
Little did I know not telling her would lead to this infection

Years lost and unfair comparisons at times
Many wasted thoughts and regret in my mind
Never have I met anyone similar to date
Little did I know the fate of the choice I made

Looking back hindsight is always 20/20
In this case there’s no telling if the love would’ve been plenty
We were kids, just young teens
How was I suppose to know what it was supposed to mean

Life took us our separate ways
Success came for us differently as our stories portrayed
She found the happiness through a relationship
While I’ve had great experiences as the result of my education

Hard to tell what could’ve or would’ve been
I could’ve been rejected back when
Not knowing for certain is what kills
Especially now knowing I won’t have certain thrills

Regardless of our different paths
It seems we’ve remained somewhat similar to our past
She may have done things inbetween to turn me away
However, I’ll never know since we never shared those days

Due to that happening I’ve never forgotten
It stuck with me and continues to feel rotten
So I vowed as a man of my word, NEVER AGAIN
Never again… will I let something go unsaid

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