It’s always good to ask questions when you seek answers
But not correct to chastise the ones helping to aid those concerns
If you seek knowledge, some sort of gain
Then listen to the opinion of the ones you’re asking

Don’t abolish their information if you feel you already know
Otherwise what’s the point of opening that window
The question should’ve never been asked
So make up your mind on whether or not you have a grasp

Wasting time with repetitive contradictory lines
Isn’t what helps people progress forward in these times
Aiding one another doesn’t come through arguments
It comes from love and patience

So what exactly is hiding beneath the surface
Are you truly seeking an explanation toward a purpose
Or subtly baiting someone in to ambush their practices
Either way one should be more professional in their tactics

We must be careful in how we seek and study
The aspects of life around us can be misleading
Don’t ask unless you truly want to know
Don’t speak unless your thoughts actually flow

Expressing ourselves indeed has many different avenues
And it’s important to maintain respect when we do



The biggest deterrents to Christianity are “Christians”
People labeling themselves with indecision
Not truly believing or living what is preached
But acting as if the benefits can be leached

Holding fast to the things of this Earth
Rather than the priorities of true worth
Sad to see people reach such high places
To fail those around them falling flat on their faces

Claiming to be something you’re not isn’t anything new
Just seems enough is enough as time passes through
If you want to be recognized as genuine
Then practice abiding by the accuracy of the definition

Trying to manipulate and change what is written
Won’t grant you any form of enrichment
Sometimes you’re the only Bible people ever read
So why continue to exemplify blasphemy

Nobody’s perfect this I know
Doesn’t excuse the fact that people shouldn’t grow
If there is true belief, a change occurs
Extinguishing the darkness inside for it to no longer stir

The reality is there is no superiority complex
Those who maintain it are spiritually wrecked
Equality in the accurate sense exists
While love is what should always be present in the mix

So while the world continues to spiral into conflict
Those wanting to shine a light should accurately depict
That they are who they say they are
Rather than falsely represent the creator of the stars


When you…
Do something nice for someone
Write a complimentary letter in good fun
Showcase a display of affection
Make a sacrifice giving another satisfaction

If you…
Were to give your life for another
Took a bullet for a sister or brother
Showed love to everyone you met
Always provided comfort and kindness

How would you…
Feel if it all got ignored
React if no gratitude was given as if it were too much of a chore
Deal with misconceptions linked to your acts
Perceive those unthankful who benefited in your tracks

Would you then…
Be angry, extremely mad
View them in a way that’s bad
Still treat them with respect
Expect an apology the next time you connect

Could you…
Deter any negative thoughts from forming in your head
Avoid any sort of hatred or bitterness
Maintain a sense of friendship
Easily forgive and forget

We’re human, our ways are different
Still can’t fathom how well God and Jesus have handled it

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