The biggest deterrents to Christianity are “Christians”
People labeling themselves with indecision
Not truly believing or living what is preached
But acting as if the benefits can be leached

Holding fast to the things of this Earth
Rather than the priorities of true worth
Sad to see people reach such high places
To fail those around them falling flat on their faces

Claiming to be something you’re not isn’t anything new
Just seems enough is enough as time passes through
If you want to be recognized as genuine
Then practice abiding by the accuracy of the definition

Trying to manipulate and change what is written
Won’t grant you any form of enrichment
Sometimes you’re the only Bible people ever read
So why continue to exemplify blasphemy

Nobody’s perfect this I know
Doesn’t excuse the fact that people shouldn’t grow
If there is true belief, a change occurs
Extinguishing the darkness inside for it to no longer stir

The reality is there is no superiority complex
Those who maintain it are spiritually wrecked
Equality in the accurate sense exists
While love is what should always be present in the mix

So while the world continues to spiral into conflict
Those wanting to shine a light should accurately depict
That they are who they say they are
Rather than falsely represent the creator of the stars

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