Kids against cops and cops against kids
Media propaganda trying to brainwash our judgment
When will it all end
The influence of hatred on the matter behind our eyelids

We get “pro” tips, but are left with tricks
Each piece of advice leading to nothing nice
False bravado to antagonize a desired outcome
Leading us slowly down the road to a wretched kingdom

Tainted dark nights around the clock
The fountain overflows with the weight of each rock
All the hearts stop because the brain is washed
Too many focused on the wrongs to avoid responsibilities at all costs

So many souls lost for the dream of fame
Fifteen minutes and it’s all defamed
Slanderous cancer eating away at the hopes and dreams of each person
Getting the negative criticisms to make our moods worsen

With the mountains that we’re forced to climb
We should know there is far better out there worth our time
I’ve found it and I hope you can to
Before time runs out under the sky so blue



When she smiles my heart melts
Her voice exemplifies how relaxation is felt
Smooth tones and soft spoken, truly unique
Each time she’s around it’s always entertaining

Life of the party always creating memories
It’s hard to put it into words the essence of this woman’s glory
A true treasure almost imaginary
A personality that resounds courtesy

Someone with confidence and dignity
Successful in more ways than just the monetary
Respect and kindness are a few of her specialties
Anyone who has met her considers it a blessing


One man changed the world as was documented in history
Each day that goes by He creates more and more memories
His name is powerful amongst the world in which we reside
However many don’t want to believe His story or the way that He is indeed still alive

He taught to love others as you do yourself
Never harm your neighbors and to be mindful of your health
He gave great healing to those who needed it most
Some couldn’t understand His humility as He never did boast

His message was rather simple, but many made it complex
He proved that words were also just as important as actions
Never did you see Him indulge in the wrongs of today
As He was sent here to show us the proper way

His sacrifice is the purest definition of the word
Where today we see many definitions becoming blurred
The message He shared and proclaimed has transcended time
With each day you’re drawing nearer to His sight

Whether you believe it or not, it doesn’t change the facts
The question is how is it that you’ll actually react
Have you heard the good news, have you met this individual
Many are caught up with the physical, but this is now something spiritual

His love for you is beyond our own comprehension
The suffering He faced was to help you out of a dire situation
Death can no longer be feared due to His grace
And there no longer needs to be a frown upon your face

He came to save you and give you a better life in this place
You can accept the gift He has given without chase
Even if you feel you’re an undeserving case
He wants to lift you up and be beside you during each race

Listen to Him when He speaks
You’ll know it’s Him because it’s always comforting
Don’t let your view of Him be ruined by a third party
Seek Him first always, so you’ll be ready for His second coming


Women are a gifted prize
Not meant to be objectified
Not for my eyes or by my mind
But protected side by side like my heart inside

No questions about their situation
If they need help they should get it
In a world where we’ve lost gentlemen
Chivalry barely still exists

Both genders have changed
Our culture so deranged
Relations that use to be reserved
Are taking place younger and younger

How can it be that slavery isn’t seen
When it isn’t hidden, but shown clearly
Each day another one chooses the wrong industry
In this day it continues to be leading in money

Is that all life is anymore is something monetary
I can’t bear the thought of these tragedies
Promoting these feelings of entering
Such a life where real hope is lacking

I try not to judge and I try not to criticize
But I was raised to never cross those lines
Morals are being tested and mutilated
While this evil is elevated

I see women and I smile
I think about women and I’m in denial
There is a need that exceeds kindness
However many see it as nonsense

I’ve been blessed and I use to be stagnant
I’ve since progressed and began to exercise my talents
Each person of the opposite sex I meet
Immediately gets respect and encouragement from me


I don’t know if you’ve been told, so give me a second to be bold
Each time I hear your voice I’m sold
It is given proof that God is in existence
Because it sounds so angelic as if you’re speaking directly from Heaven

That bright shining smile with kindness in your heart
It all had me intrigued from the very start
I know you’re smart and you’re beautiful
I’m sure you’ve heard it before because you’re truly special

All the time that passes by I hope you never falter
Your positive attitude is so refreshing like water
Nourishment is paramount in our daily lives
And given your presence the good vibes always calm my mind

Having been able to meet you, I’m truly satisfied
My life has benefited from our lives being intertwined
Common interests are always a fun occurrence
But what I cherish is all of you through your influence

Lost Relatives

It’s said if you have love then you’ll show it
If you hold someone dear then they’ll know it
Living how you feel isn’t always right
But positivity can go a long way in this fight

Each day life grows older
Time doesn’t cease just because the world grows colder
There’s an enemy that ticks with the clock
Which is why you need to build your foundation upon the rock

So many relatives, so many lost perspectives
Some I don’t even know because of my adoption
It’s important to show witness to the grace that I’ve been given
But impossible for me to do it with those I’ve never been connected

In this day and age trust can be minimal
Which is why I need to lean on my faith principles
Trying to trust while in these lands, the effort seems miniscule
However, without some trust you can’t experience the spiritual

Across the globe many live
Across many borders I have relatives
Some who are lost in the essence of spirit
Some who aren’t known because we’ve never met

I hope that each of them has love all the same
That each of them has joy on this day
With each breath that they take an improvement is made
And at some point they’ll accept the gift that gets them saved
So that one day we can all be together through Heaven’s gates


I’ve often thought about the times you told me I could fly
To the sky in which a great glory resides
The day that comes when it’s all said and done
Crying now in pain, when one day that will all be left behind in the shade
I’m not one to go around expecting a parade
Each time I do something well, because it doesn’t mean we have to celebrate
I want to exchange my success for the cure of someone else’s heartache
The days that we face full of pain, but put a smile on our face as a charade
Can’t be forgotten because you can’t hide all your problems
I looked once and once again saw the notion of commotion
That entangles our mind sending chills down our spine
Poverty and violence are worldwide, but it needs to subside
I’ve anticipated change and instead accepted blame
I’ve hesitated when I should’ve remained motivated
I can’t seem to recall when it was I last rose from this fall
Each time I enter the world it feels so cold
So let it snow, as it’s often said and it’s no longer winter
When will the heat of summer spark a fire toward desire
To diminish this explicitness that we encounter
I’ve lived a smart life, but remain clueless
Intelligence comes through learning, but experience produces wisdom
If it isn’t you than it’s me left questioning why so many accept being empty
That pit deep inside isn’t hard to find
You look in the mirror in horror at times
Wanting things you don’t have instead of being thankful for what you do
In order to find that happiness you think is hiding you must seek
Open your hearts and eyes to those who are weak
Provide your strength to match their need
So at the end of the day their strength can be your remedy
It isn’t hard to see we’re connected
That’s the answer to your question
If you treated each other with love and dignity
There would be many more peaceful cities
I say a prayer because I know He’s listening
For the health and well-being of each individual living
Regardless of your stance or belief
I outstretch my hand to help you if you need relief
Doesn’t matter your age, gender, or ethnicity
The thought of you being harmed displeases me
I’m in the country that claims that it’s free
When in reality we all can plainly see
It isn’t this life that truly grants us that legacy
It is said that one man can change the world
But that event already happened
Before the diamonds and before the pearls
A simple, yet extraordinary gift was given
Many choose to deny the existence
When facts have proven this particular mission
I sense that the world is going in the wrong direction
Each day there’s a story that shows the misconceptions
Just because the times change doesn’t mean we should sin
Self indulgence isn’t a recipe for togetherness
Pleasure shouldn’t be defined solely to the physical
Because temporary is no comparison for the eternal
I hate to think about all the tragedy lingering this very moment
By the time these words have been spoken
Chances are someone has suffered in some way, shape, or form
And the only way to persevere through all these storms is to kneel before the Lord

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