Free Your Mind

Listen while you read here

Intro/1st Verse:
Where has the time gone
The clock seems to fly
It has become a blur behind the eyes

My good friend and I always talked about it
Couldn’t help but constantly notice it
We had similar mind sets
But the facts remained time wasn’t an asset

We could acknowledge it
We could predict it
We just never could stop it
The enemy of us all doesn’t quit

Only one speed that it sees
You move with it or you get left reeling
I know you know the feeling
There’s just not enough hours in a day
And life just goes by too quick they say

Take a deep breath and wake up yet again
How will we overcome this elevation
Step away from the technology
Which seems to have become the new reality

All it produces is a mind full of fantasy
The lack of independence is killing me
We need a better development for our society
To latch on to something we actual integrity

You know I’m not kidding
I’m speaking with pinpoint accuracy
Time is of the essence for any kind of success
Leave the mess of the stress to let your mind find progress

Bridge/2nd Verse:
Some people think you need drugs or alcohol
The fact is you just need yourself to free your mind
Insead of being locked up in problematic thoughts
Open the door to solutions so you’re not left distraught
Be remembered as someone who fought

Don’t lie still and let go of your free will
The lives we lead are meant for adventuring
It isn’t about the end result, but the journey
We all have an end, but different methods of going

Never quit, never give in to distraction
Focus on the triumph over the addictions
It is possible and feels incredible
The freedom that you seek is beautiful

So many these days are skeptical
Clinging to their ideals they think are normal
I am here to formally dismiss the claims
Anything that brings you pain should be met with disdain

For you are meant to bring hope and prosper
Ignore those that try to impede or hinder
Each day that you see is meant to be lived
So please oh please never forfeit

Never forget the purpose you maintain
Life isn’t to be treated as a game
Mind over matter is often said
But only God Himself can bring forth the greatest benefits

3rd Verse:
Don’t get tied up in this prison
Step up to proceed on the right mission
You don’t want to be left wishin’
That you had done somethin’ different

Time flies, it never slows
So act now before it is time to go
The seconds are precious so show benevolence
Treat others how you want to be treated

Our culture might be split
But we’re united as humans
We all have something in common
So let’s focus on the positives

With each interaction let’s try to edify
Stop asking the question of why
Instead shine bright like the sky
Providing answers like Christ up high

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