Too Much

Listen while you read here

1st Verse:
It’s been a long time since I’ve been happy
I’ve been through dark times with no rhymes
Easily the most treacherous line of thoughts for my mind
Expression without bein’ sappy

I’ve said it once I’ll say it again
I’m the last standing virgin
Head held high avoiding the temptations
Walking the narrow path that leads to life everlastin’

I’ve been attacked from front to back
Tryin’ to mold myself after the only one who has my back
I don’t aim to please or aim to teach
But to get each and every one of you thinking

This journey takes patience and time
Resulting in the fact that it is temporary
It isn’t meant to be scary
The life we live should reflect joy

It isn’t about the cash or toys
But the elements of interaction
Don’t get too tired chasing satisfaction
There is more to do in order to progress

Don’t leave your life in a mess
It’s a waste of time to stress
I’ve seen death and am not afraid
If you choose to lean on Him though, it’ll all be ok

2nd Verse:
Each time there’s a new sign
I ponder the meaning of the divine
I signed up for this
A soldier to help bring light through the darkness

I’m not sold on all this newness
The sins of many who proclaim bliss
I’ve been through many experiences
I don’t need to add to my problems

Advancement is the only option
Enough of the regression
No other human is someone’s possession
Regrets aren’t meant to keep you stagnant

Don’t think you’re worthless
Everyone has hope to access
Your one of a kind unique prowess
Is just what this world needs to learn about forgiveness

I’ve been set free through repentance
The aroma of this Earth now has a new fragrance
The flesh will fade, but never the spirit
Eternity is a real thing, so quit denying

Faith in humanity will leave you empty
The temporary can’t keep you happy
There’s greater emotion beyond understanding
These feelings are there to witness for everybody

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