Unto Battle

Listen while you read here

Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before.

1st Verse:
Like a thief in the night He is coming
No matter how fast or far you’re running
The war wages on in the depths of this planet
Until the time comes for the great judgment

You say you don’t have faith
When it is a built in human trait
Unfortunately your lack of belief
Won’t keep you from the consequences forming

These people are so unforgiving
Trying to pounce on you at all times
The separation of Church and state isn’t fine
Since within these borders both reside

Each time the arguments are used
It is to try to diminish and abuse
The one that holds the correct views
When does the government concede to you

Their service is suppose to be in our favor
When they don’t show any concern that’s proper
It’s getting ridiculous the audacity they show
Acting as if Christ is the one who should go

What do they know, they’re dead in sin
I don’t care where you think life begins
Without alterations life is created
The choice happens prior to conception

All these people blind to the facts
They all don’t want to think just react
We get told that sharing is caring
So I’ll share the biblical message that’s worth blaring

2nd Verse:
Guns blazin’ around every corner
No one is sure when they’ll need cover
The threats today are more unique than ever
Anywhere from kids to respected elders

The battles we face aren’t always seen
That is where people are the most lacking
They are susceptible to what they don’t expect
Which is why spirituality deserves your respect

How can you not witness the proof given
It really is the only reason you’re livin’
How could things formulate without creation
Give me all of your alternate suggestions

It doesn’t matter your explanation
I can guarantee it doesn’t meet expectation
There is always someone out there complainin’
Doesn’t matter the label of the nation

This world is majorly a large sea
The depths of which contain great mystery
Just because there isn’t understanding
Doesn’t mean that it isn’t existing

Much like the translations of history
How can one accept some and not all
Where do you draw the line at learning
Because the bible holds the greatest gift of all

3rd Verse:
It was recently said that love wins
That victory sadly has yet to begin
God is love and love isn’t homosexuality
I’d rather be happy eternally than temporarily

Life here is a mere shell of time
I don’t care your views, we all will die
Reproduce a meaningful legacy
Not one filled with human hypocrisy

The truth is we’re one race with ethnicities
So interracial and racist are used incorrectly
Whatever happened to living in harmony
It seems hatred is breeding over coexisting

I refuse to conform to an idiotic society
The true King will maintain my loyalty
Drugs and sex aren’t needed in my reality
I’ll leave that for those with misguided fantasies

My generation has fell into such tragedy
I feel out of place and from a different time
But that’s why I’m here to present a different gear
Regardless of the changes that we see from year to year

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