Where has it all gone
We went from playpens to swing sets
Now technology has spawned
With it seems the only way to now connect

Face to Face now involves a medium
No longer a day to day occurrence
Many prefer text or a camera
It seems another person has become a deterrent

There use to be activities out at recess
Now many just sit around on their tablets
The kids formulate the next generation
But the parents seem to have forfeited their persuasion

A tricky situation has begun
We’re in a fast paced society
But technology has been tuned for fun
Leaving advancement as a discrepancy

More addictions have sprouted up
More distractions have made it tough
More problems have since developed
With humanity further lacking love



Some people just always have to be right
It’s what makes them feel alive
Some people just always have to be right
It’s what makes them feel accomplished in life

I don’t understand despite facts and their contradictions
They still feel the need to argue and have negative interaction
Doesn’t matter how much they sway
They still need to feel their spectrum is correct at the end of the day

Not sure what makes them tick
To me their mind seems sick
I’m not here to pass judgment
It’s just irritating to deal with them

Some people just like to hear themselves talk
Trying to impose their will on your personal walk
Doesn’t make sense to hear their plea
When they have experienced an entirely different journey

Nobody on this earth is identical
Respect and appreciate different people
If you feel the need to always be right
There may be a need to analyze your own life


Grace fills the room each time you walk in
There isn’t another place I think I would’ve rather been
Each time I lay my eyes on you, time seems to rest
The moments and memories with you represent the best

I’ve been tested and tried, but each time you’re the one that shines
It wasn’t always easy to turn away from the ideas that were mine
However, with you… there is never a regret that enters my mind
You deserve the best from me at all times

You’ve made me a better man
You’ve saved me from the quicksand
When I’m lost, you’re always there to be found
With you, I’m never imprisoned by doubts

Our relationship isn’t something that is new
And even though times change, I’ll always love you


Caught up in a web of choices
Listening to the variety of voices
What is it that should be done next
Do they really know that step will be overly complex

Thoughts are generally favorable
While the actuality is far from stable
The journey is the majority of the battle
Deciding the route shouldn’t leave you rattled

Moving forward is the only thing time allows
If you remain stagnant, then opportunity won’t follow
If you are unsure of the future
Occupy yourself so you don’t succumb to doubtful tortures

Even with all the advice only you can tell if you’re ready
The amounts of changes in certain things are plenty
Only you can determine if you’re capable of understanding
Since the facts lie within what it is you’re experiencing

Don’t take life lightly
Ramifications are heavy
With every action there is a reaction
And with every pro a con

Choose wisely on when you’ll begin your next chapter

Family Values

Remember the times when it was about others
All these new times with new views of selfish behaviors
Long forgotten the value of accomplishment for more than self
Focused on careers while familial gains are put on the shelf

Everyone is looking to get ahead
While the notion of family is slowly becoming dead
Many running away from responsibility
Preventing the others from truly reaching prosperity

Far too many are too lazy to work through issues
Instead they pack up, head out, and try to continue
“If it isn’t easy, it isn’t worth it” seems to be the new slogan
Lots of people being afraid of a little commotion

People advocate choice only when it suits them
Despite improper choices putting them in their troublesome predicament
What about the choice of others you effect
Why can’t they have a say in what it is you do next

Too many turn and run away
Too many only hope for themselves today
Family is an important privilege
Nobody has the right to dismantle it

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