Family Values

Remember the times when it was about others
All these new times with new views of selfish behaviors
Long forgotten the value of accomplishment for more than self
Focused on careers while familial gains are put on the shelf

Everyone is looking to get ahead
While the notion of family is slowly becoming dead
Many running away from responsibility
Preventing the others from truly reaching prosperity

Far too many are too lazy to work through issues
Instead they pack up, head out, and try to continue
“If it isn’t easy, it isn’t worth it” seems to be the new slogan
Lots of people being afraid of a little commotion

People advocate choice only when it suits them
Despite improper choices putting them in their troublesome predicament
What about the choice of others you effect
Why can’t they have a say in what it is you do next

Too many turn and run away
Too many only hope for themselves today
Family is an important privilege
Nobody has the right to dismantle it

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